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Penny was only eleven when her mother died, and she's lived the past sixteen years quietly, as the grateful caregiver to her elderly aunt, the reclusive woman who was kind enough to offer Penny a home after the tragedy.

But when Aunt Ruth dies, Penny gradually realizes that she's twenty-seven years old, and she's never really lived. It's time to take some chances. She puts together "The Risk-It List," filled with all the things she longs to do but has never had the courage.

Until she's done every single thing on her Risk-it List, no crutches. No boyfriends, no roommates...she won't even accept her protective older sisters' offer of a home at Bell River Ranch. To their shock, she buys her own duplex in Silverdell.

The first thing she crosses off her list is "Kiss a stranger." Widower Max Thorpe is gorgeous, new in town, and obviously a devoted father to his edgy eleven-year-old daughter, Ellen. Impulsively, Penny kisses him the first time she meets him.

The second time she meets him, she discovers to her horror that he's the new tenant in the other side of her duplex. And as she get to know him, she realizes Max may just be the single most dangerous thing on her list.

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"If you’re looking for a fabulous read, reach for a Kathleen O’Brien book. You can’t go wrong.”

-- Catherine Anderson, New York Times bestselling author


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